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Physiotherapy & Osteopathy treatment in Reigate:
Traction Therapy

Our clinic at Woodhatch has a dedicated traction therapy machine to help patients suffering with a number of Lower Back issues.

Traction therapy is a well-established treatment used by Physiotherapist, Osteopaths and NHS consultants. Our machine has numerous variable settings making it appropriate for a number of conditions. Traction can help to alleviate the pain of nerve root compression, sciatica and degenerative changes found in the discs or from arthritis.

The machine is particularly effective when used in the treatment of "slipped" or herniated discs. When a disc is damaged it may bulge or prolapse leading to acute pain not just in the back, but often radiating down the nerves into the leg. Not all patients are suitable for traction, but it can help dramatically in most cases. The application of controlled pulsed traction on the spine can help the discs to heal in the best possible shape and take pressure off the nerves to reduce pain. A course of traction in association with your standard therapy will speed up the recovery process and ensure you are left with as little residual effects from the injury as possible.

Following traction and recovery it is of course still vital to ensure you complete a program of core strengthening to minimise any future risk of the injury re-occurring.


If you are unsure whether traction is appropriate for your condition, please give us a call to discuss 01737 247 555 or email us at reception@parkviewclinic.co.uk

Traction therapy is only bookable once you have been seen for a full Initial Consultation by one of our therapist. Costs vary depending on the condition, however, often traction can be used as part of your standard treatment session within our normal rate.
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When I first came to you, I could not put weight fully on my knees and I found it difficult to walk. I was pleased that after only three weeks I felt a difference.I can now take long walks. I can also play my sports without pain. I would certainly recommend you to anyone.

JY, Reigate
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